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A vehicle service contract, commonly referred to as an extended auto warranty, is just what it sounds like: an extension above and beyond the coverage offered by your manufacturer or dealer. When you purchase a new, and sometimes used vehicle, chances are it came with a protection plan – a guarantee, from the dealer or manufacturer, that your vehicle would stay in a working condition for a given period of time or a certain number of miles. While this protection comes is undoubtedly beneficial, unfortunately, most of the costly breakdowns and repairs happen after the original warranty has run out. That is where a vehicle service contract comes in. By protecting your vehicle early on, you can protect yourself from high repair costs.

Here is the truth: even if you have the most reliable and best-manufactured vehicle on the market, someday it is going to break down. And it does not help that modern cars are exceptionally complicated to repair. This means that even a mechanical breakdown or a relatively minor defect can cost a fortune. By buying a coverage plan from insurance-backed company, you protect the investment you made in your car. When something breaks down, you just have to pay the low deductible and let us handle the rest. In many cases, a vehicle service contract can pay for itself in one car repair. Remember, that having a transferable, quality policy in place can raise the resale value of your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty will eventually lapse over time, but you can protect your vehicle for much longer by purchasing an extended coverage. Many of these policies can pay for themselves in one costly repair, but will continue to protect your car far beyond that. When you buy extended vehicle protection from Atlantic Auto Protection, it is transferable, which means you make it more attractive to potential buyers by increasing the resale value of your vehicle. It is also cheaper to buy a service contract early in the life of your vehicle. Service contracts begin after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, covering your car for as long as you own it. To get the absolute lowest price, and to avoid interruption in coverage, you should buy an extended coverage early. In this case, the earlier you purchase, the better. The more coverage you have left on the original warranty plan, the less you have to pay for extended protection plan.

To put it simply, we cut out the middleman. When auto dealers purchase coverage plans from providers, just like Atlantic Auto Protection, they then turn around and sell them to drivers like you – after adding $700 or $1000 in to boost the dealer’s profits. By buying directly from the provider, you can save up to 50% on the cost of your service contract.

While many dealerships offer warranty plans, they often do so at higher cost to make a profit. Your dealer will mark up the price to boost the dealership’s profits. By coming directly to the vehicle service contract provider, customers can get the added reward of flexibility of terms and save a good deal of money. To avoid inflexible contracts and unnecessary fees, buy your plan from a company like Atlantic Auto Protection that specializes in providing auto protection at competitive prices as their primary business, rather than a company that offers coverage as an afterthought. Providing drivers with the highest level of coverage available at the lowest price possible is what we do.

At Atlantic Auto Protection, we’ve simplified the entire buying process and you can have your coverage for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. To get started, simply request a quote here. After that, one of our Vehicle Protection Specialists will contact you to help you make the right coverage option for you and your vehicle. We can have your car protected in minutes and have you on your way to peace of mind behind the wheel.

When making a big purchase you must consider two things: Cost and Worth. How much is this going to cost me and is it worth it? Many companies will promise you the world for a price that seems too good to be true – because they are too good to be true. Look for a provider that offers competitive prices, but do not be fooled by companies whose rates are far below the market standard. Such companies may rely on Risk Retention Groups as underwriters rather than insurance companies that must adhere to strict government standards designed to protect consumers and have a much longer history of paying claims.

If your vehicle gets a flat tire, or runs out of gas, or ever breaks down, or you even lock your keys in the car, all you have to do is call our Roadside Assistance number. No matter where you are in the United States, we will dispatch help right away. If the issue with your car can not be repaired on the spot, we will help you get it to a repair shop of your choice.

Unfortunately, every auto warranty has a waiting period. These are put in place ensure that your vehicle is running properly and that zero pre-existing conditions exist. In fact, a waiting period actually saves you money by eliminating the cost of vehicle inspectors to check out your vehicle before starting your coverage.

With a protection plan from Atlantic Auto Protection, claims are paid up front for ALL covered repairs. This means that there is no waiting around for reimbursement and ZERO out-of-pocket expenses. We get you back on the road fast.

Unlike most extended coverage plans, Atlantic Auto Protection policies give you the opportunity to choose anywhere in the nation to repair your vehicle that is a licensed, authorized repair facility. If you move, or are away from home when you need repairs, your vehicle will still be covered. Most of the time with policies from the dealer, your coverage will only be accepted at that location or specified repair shops in your area. This will leave you with the high cost of repairs or pay additional fees because you are not at your regular dealership. With Atlantic Auto Protection, you get the peace of mind of knowing your plan will be honored nationwide.

Dealerships and repair facilities often make a percentage of their revenue from repair services. It is standard protocol for them to accept consumer-direct plans, especially from such companies as Atlantic Auto Protection, which can pay repair shop directly over the phone. The insurance companies backing Atlantic Auto Protection have the credit dealerships can trust and a long reputation of financial stability. Should the repair facility make the rare decision not to accept Atlantic Auto Protection coverage, you may want to investigate the reasons and evaluate your relationship with that repair facility in the future. Atlantic Auto Protection policies are accepted by any ASE certified mechanic in the United States or Canada.

We cover most cars up to 160,000 miles and up to 10 model years, however there are some exceptions and other vehicles may be eligible for coverage. It is easy to find the right plan for your vehicle and budget. The best bet is to request a quote to see if your automobile qualifies. Our Vehicle Service Contract specialists will make sure you find answers to your questions.

Our plans are 100% insured by some of the most respected and largest insurance companies in the United States. The insurance providers we work with have been in this business for many years.

At Atlantic Auto Protection we believe both in our products and in the wisdom of purchasing a vehicle service contract. This is why every plan we sell comes with a full 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Our return policy is simple. We consider your first 30 days a “review period.” Take the time to read through your policy and discuss it with your spouse, family members, or trusted mechanic. We’re confident that you – like so many other Americans – will be happy and satisfied with your coverage. But if you decide – for any reason – that this isn’t for you, simply call our customer service line.

Consumer publications often recommend that customers buy direct from the source when it comes to purchasing extended vehicle protection. Because providers, like Atlantic Auto Protection, cut out the cost of a middleman they are able to pass these savings along to the consumer. Dealerships typically purchase their policies from other companies and offer them to customers at a higher price, once their markup is included. But by purchasing directly from Atlantic Auto Protection, we can offer contracts that are often both better and less expensive than what the dealer offers, and they can be purchased anytime that your car remains within a certain mileage limit. Some competitors may try to offer unbelievably low prices. If the price is too low, it may signal that the company has not set enough money aside to guarantee that your claim gets paid when you need it. A great way to understand more about the industry and the big players in it, is to visit the Vehicle Protection Association’s website. This non-profit regulatory team ensures that all members follow their strict guidelines and best business practices.

Your VIN is specifically assigned to your vehicle. We use to verify that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle and that we are placing coverage on the correct car. Do not worry though, we keep it completely confidential.

Your VIN can be easily found on either the dashboard of your vehicle or conveniently printed on your auto insurance cards.

By activating your Atlantic Auto Protection extended coverage now rather than waiting, you ensure that you will never have a gap in coverage. We have seen it countless times when customers wait a month, a week, or even a day to renew coverage. And when their car breaks down, they are not covered. By activating sooner rather than later, you also qualify for the very best level of coverage at the absolute lowest price. You are saving money and gaining peace of mind by activating now.

Maintenance items are considered components of your vehicle that are relatively inexpensive but wear out on a regular basis. Maintenance items can include windshield wipers and oil changes, basic car maintenance that you already take care of yourself!

A pre-existing condition is a condition that within all reasonable mechanical probability relates to the mechanical condition of your vehicle prior to contract purchase. While the coverage will not cover this pre-existing issue, it will cover anything else that could go wrong with the vehicle. This will safeguard you from any future costly repairs that can, and most likely will occur.