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Do I need a vehicle service contract if I am still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Your vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty will eventually lapse over time, but you can protect your vehicle for much longer by purchasing an extended coverage. Many of these policies can pay for themselves in one costly repair, but will continue to protect your car far beyond that. When you buy extended vehicle protection from Atlantic Auto Protection, it is transferable, which means you make it more attractive to potential buyers by increasing the resale value of your vehicle. It is also cheaper to buy a service contract early in the life of your vehicle. Service contracts begin after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, covering your car for as long as you own it. To get the absolute lowest price, and to avoid interruption in coverage, you should buy an extended coverage early. In this case, the earlier you purchase, the better. The more coverage you have left on the original warranty plan, the less you have to pay for extended protection plan.