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How do consumer watchdogs rate vehicle service contract providers?

Consumer publications often recommend that customers buy direct from the source when it comes to purchasing extended vehicle protection. Because providers, like Atlantic Auto Protection, cut out the cost of a middleman they are able to pass these savings along to the consumer. Dealerships typically purchase their policies from other companies and offer them to customers at a higher price, once their markup is included. But by purchasing directly from Atlantic Auto Protection, we can offer contracts that are often both better and less expensive than what the dealer offers, and they can be purchased anytime that your car remains within a certain mileage limit. Some competitors may try to offer unbelievably low prices. If the price is too low, it may signal that the company has not set enough money aside to guarantee that your claim gets paid when you need it. A great way to understand more about the industry and the big players in it, is to visit the Vehicle Protection Association’s website. This non-profit regulatory team ensures that all members follow their strict guidelines and best business practices.