Atlantic Auto Protection LLC, Auto Warranty Plans, North Palm Beach, FL

Levels of Coverage

Exclusionary Coverage

Covers over 500 components including all high tech parts. All computer sensors, computer solenoids, main on board computers and all electrical items which is the specific focus due to the fact you are driving a computer on wheels. This is the highest level of coverage that is available to used vehicles and is as close as you can get to your original factory warranty. Everything will be covered on your vehicle except basic wear and tear.

Stated Named Component Coverage

This is protection designed for older and higher mileage vehicles but still keeps in focus the all important electrical items. It covers all the major componets in your vehicle totalling just over 270 componets. Having coverage on your vehicle with high mileage is essential to your budget not being effected at the worst possible time.

Powertrain Coverage

Quality protection for your high mileage vehicle that focuses on specific items that are essential to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Your engine, transmission, AC unit and drive axles will be covered just to name a few. When your approaching or above the 100k mark on your vehicle having power train coverage is more important than your insurance because the likelihood of you having to use your protection is 3x as likely than your car insurance.

Maintenance Plans

If you purchased a Vehicle Service Agreement you also receive benefits with the Maintenance Program.

Coverage under the Program begins thirty (30) days after the date shown as the Agreement Purchase Date shown on the Declarations Page in the Covered Vehicle Section of the Agreement you purchased.

This Program expires within thirteen (13) months from the Agreement Purchase Date.